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Threads: A New Online Landscape

The landscape of social media is ever-changing, but recently there have been some major shakeups. The foremost one is the launch of Threads, a new social media platform from Meta. With it comes several new possibilities for the company and users to explore. Here are 5 ways that this new app could grow your business:

1. Fast Growing- When Threads first launched, it quickly garnered an audience. Not just quickly, but historically fast. Of all the platforms to reach 100 million users, Threads set the record by achieving that threshold in only five days after launch. With growth like that, you could market your business to a massive audience. Granted, that growth has tapered off significantly since the initial surge in early to mid-July, but the fact remains that Threads has experienced unprecedented growth, and it is still being backed by one of the largest social media companies on Earth.

2. Product of Meta- Meta, the company behind Facebook and Instagram, created Threads. This gives Threads the advantage of brand recognition, which was a reason for its massive initial growth. It also allows users to link their Instagram account to Threads so they can automatically follow the same people, making it easier for new users to connect with friends and family. Facebook is one of the most successful social media platforms when it comes to advertising. Since the same people are heading up Threads, there could be great potential for reaching audiences.

3. Proven Twitter Concept- It’s no secret that Threads bears a striking resemblance to X (formerly known as Twitter). If you took a glance at Threads, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that it was Twitter. The design of the apps and the functions they serve are nearly identical. Twitter has proven to be a popular platform, garnering hundreds of millions of active users. If Threads repeats the formula, it could easily replicate that success. The more traffic on the app, the more you can advertise and market your business and see results.

4. Continuous Feature Improvement- Threads is a very new app, resulting in it feeling bare-bones and raw. While some people may appreciate that, others find it too simple to keep their attention, which causes many people to leave the app after its incredible start. However, Meta has announced they plan to focus on incorporating features to improve retention, direct messaging, for instance. Adding a Direct Messaging system would greatly improve retention and bring back others who might have initially signed up but are not consistent users. Another mentioned improvement will be honing the algorithm that dictates visibility. While Threads doesn’t have any paid advertisements yet, Meta has stated they plan to add them. When they do, if you were to buy ads for your business, they would be shown to the people it would resonate with the most. More and more improvements are being made, meaning the app will only continue to get better.

5. Twitter Users Leaving- The opportunity for an alternative social media platform to Twitter couldn’t come at a better time. Twitter is currently going through a variety of changes, many of which users don’t approve of. Users have been leaving the app in search of a new favorite social media platform. Since Threads is essentially a simpler version of Twitter, users may flock to it as they look for a new but nostalgic platform, which means a new market your business could reach.

Threads has great potential for those looking to market their business on social media. With Facebook being so effective for small businesses, utilizing an additional social media platform made by the same company could be a great way to continue to grow. If attempting to grow your business through social media seems too daunting, reach out to Selph Marketing for help. We can help create posts that reflect your business and spread awareness of your company to an entirely new audience.


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