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5 Reasons You Should Be Marketing on Social Media

Social media advertising is a must if you’re looking to reach a new, targeted audience fast.

Organic growth and reach are harder to achieve for all kinds of businesses due to the ever-changing algorithms of Meta. If you hope to go viral with your newest reel or post without a little “boost,” it will be difficult.

The move from utilizing simple posting and hashtags for organic growth to developing targeted social ads can be intimidating. Still, it is vital to start putting some money on the table to grow your audience. These days if you want to connect with your audience on Facebook or Instagram, you have to start making investments in targeted ads to those you are hoping to reach.

Reach new customers

Advertising on social media is a direct way to reach the audience you want. You can target brand new customers or returning ones. Advertising is more significant than just “boosting” a post you’ve already made. Being strategic with the population you are targeting can help you find an audience who will turn into customers.

Low cost to start

With traditional media, producing a commercial, going on the radio, or creating print materials can become costly very quickly. Advertising on social media means you can begin to make traction with curated posts to target audiences, even if you spend just $50 a month.

Gain audience insights

The kind of ads you develop matters. Especially for the platform, you use and the audience you hope to target. Different demographics use different social media sites and engage with various types of content. For example, maybe your audience engages more with our video than your static posts, or vice versa. When you begin marketing on social media, you will gain that insight into your customers.

Range of formats

Does video work better for you? Want to showcase your products with photos? Advertising on social media gives you options. Now, this doesn’t mean you should use all of them but determining where to place your ads based upon your target audience can help you reach them wherever they are.

What are your goals? Reach more customers? Educate the masses? Convert sales? Advertising on social media can help you reach your goals. Whatever your products or services are, making the jump from slow organic growth to targeted ads and engagement will quickly move your business in the right direction.


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