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Editing Instagram Reels Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

In August of 2020, Instagram launched a new feature called Reels in an attempt to compete with the explosion of TikTok. Instagram Reels allows users to record multi-clip videos for up to 60 seconds to engage their followers in their content. This feature allows you to add sound or music, filters, and effects to your videos. Reels can be shared to your feed and with a public account, they can reach a wider audience in the Explore tab. Instagram Reels (featured in the Explore tab) allow creators to expand their content to new audiences worldwide. When this tool was launched, it offered a variety of editing tools to enhance your videos including:

  • Audio: Either record your videos with your original audio or add a song to the Instagram music library. With original audio, the sound in the reel will be attributed to you and when shared, other creators can then use your audio. Using trending audio clips can also help your content reach more people.

  • AR Effects: Augmented reality (AR) filters are computer-generated effects layered over the image captured by your camera. With AR effects, you can record multiple clips with different effects and filters.

  • Timer and Countdown: Set a timer to record your videos hand free. A 3-2-1 countdown will appear once you hit record, giving you time to prepare before your video begins.

  • Align: Before recording your next clip, align objects from your previous clip to produce seamless transitions, for instance, adding friends to a clip or an outfit change.

  • Speed: Slow down or speed up selected parts of your audio or video. This feature helps with slow-motion videos or to stay on the beat when creating a dance.

With Instagram’s newest update, creating and editing Reels just got easier. The updated editing tools allow creators to trim and re-arrange their clips. Simply edit clips by tapping the thumbnail and shorten the specific segment you want to trim. The ‘Re-Order Mode’ allows users to re-order their clips, making the editing process even easier.

How does it work? Follow these steps and start editing Instagram Reels readily:

  • When opening the Instagram app, go to the Reels camera.

  • Record or upload videos.

  • Continue to “Preview” the video and click “Edit Clips” in the bottom left corner.

  • By tapping the thumbnail, you can expand the video clip and then proceed to drag the handles to trim.

  • Enter reorder mode to drag and drop clips or delete as needed.

  • Add more clips by tapping the “Add Clips” button which will bring you back to the camera.

  • Once finished, your reel is ready to post!

This simple update can help create more effective video clips and allow for customized creations. As a business, Instagram Reels offer you better visibility, shareability, and discoverability. These short videos can attribute to reaching new audiences, and unlike stories that are only available for 24 hours, users can like and share for a longer time. As mentioned previously, public accounts allow reels to reach a broader audience and deliver content outside of your followers. Instagram Reels are a great way to showcase new products, show behind-the-scenes clips, and answer common questions.

Staying relevant can be a challenge as social media constantly adapts and changes. Creating content can be overwhelming; contact Selph Marketing today for any of your marketing needs.

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