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Facebook - The Go To Platform for Small Businesses

What’s The Next Step As A New Business Owner?

Alright, you’ve just obtained your shiny new business license, you’ve found your calling, and you are a passionate, blossoming small business owner. You’ve read all the latest business insights and have ongoing subscriptions to Entrepreneur, Fast Co., Forbes, and Inc. magazines. Everyone is advising the small business owner to establish an ‘Online’ presence, ‘Yesterday!’

What on earth?! There are so many platforms to choose from! Are you saying I should do all of them? I can hardly handle the day-to-day administrative tasks, let alone tackle social media! What even is a snap? Why did they spell tick-tock wrong? Are these the type of people my business should be focusing on reaching?

In the glimmer of today’s endless scrolling, there is a whirlwind of platforms to choose from. And each heralded by their followers as better and shinier than their opponents.

Hopping On the Facebook Wagon

Take it from Selph Marketing. Facebook is the platform that you want to commit to. In the United States alone, over 58% of all American adults, that is over half of 258.34 million people (2020 US Census), use Facebook daily. We’re not talking just about American social media users or internet users, we’re talking over half of all American adults! That’s significant by any stretch of the imagination.

As a small business owner if you manage to tap into a drop in that bucket, then you will be considered a successful entrepreneur. Did you know that over half of these adults use multiple social platforms, but regarding those who do not, 79% exclusively use Facebook?

Endless Possibility

What’s it to me? I’m just a small business based out of the DFW metroplex. Let’s sample our population; if 58% of all American adults use Facebook and we live in the 4th largest metroplex in the nation with a population of 7.64 million residents, and you happen to grab the attention of 1% of that population, you’re still reaching upwards of 76,000 people. Let’s say we print stickers, we have a product that sells easily for $1 per set and our football moms absolutely love them. Maybe only 1% of the population that our fictitious company has reached actually buys in. That’s still $7,600 in sales. A pretty decent week in the sticker business, don't you think?

In 2021, Facebook is still the go-to social platform. It is effective in targeting your audience and creating a powerful online presence for your brand. Whether your business is small or large, we’re rooting for you and we are confident that deciding to use Facebook as your primary social media platform will enable your company to have far-reaching exposure.

If you’d like to know more about how our team at Selph Marketing can help you with any of your Social Media needs, pick up the phone, or better yet, hop on Facebook and send us a message!

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