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How to Win the Content Game.

Did you know that the average time people spend on Facebook each day is 58 minutes?

One might then wonder how long an individual typically spends viewing a single Facebook post. On average, a Facebook user will only spend 1.7 seconds looking at a post before their attention begins to drift elsewhere. The human attention span has shrunk from 15 to 8 seconds over the past decade and a half! This dramatic decrease in attention span creates a unique challenge for marketers and their ability to promote their clients on social media.

How can we promote our clients and help them market their service or product if we only have 1.7 seconds to grab the attention of the audience?

It is a fair question to ask, and an exceedingly difficult one to answer.

The aforementioned decrease in human attention span has led to the emergence of short-form, online video content via video-sharing platforms such as Tik Tok, as well as Facebook and Instagram adopting this model in the form of Reels, Stories, and giving algorithmic favor to other video content. The type of content that tends to do well across all these platforms is often funny, educational, or otherwise entertaining content that only lasts a few seconds or few minutes.

Here at Selph Marketing, we apply this same concept to how we approach marketing for our clients. We strive to create content that engages our client’s social media users. On top of creating attention-grabbing social media posts, we also create video content that is as consumable as it is informative for our clients. When we say quality over quantity, we mean it!

The mistake that most marketing companies make is not knowing their client’s audience. In knowing the audience, a successful marketing strategy can be implemented. Through organized posting and coordinated video production, we understand the real needs of our clients, while also maximizing their exposure on social media. Exposure leads to growth, which then leads to opportunity. Our application of these concepts and trends to the promotion of our clients is what sets Selph Marketing apart from the hundreds of thousands of other marketing companies out there.

Want to maximize exposure and opportunity for your business? We are here for you! Please reach out to for more information!

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